VOTE JOHN McCAIN or Anti-Obama - Politically WILD! Playing Cards - Republican Edition

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Check this out!  This fun deck of cards features John McCain and many other politicians and political celebrities as WILD! animals!   Yup, you heard it correct, they have been drawn as WILD! animals.  We all know how WILD the political arena can get during a presidential election, so why not celebrate the 2008 political season with a cool deck of "Vote John McCain" Playing Cards?

This deck of cards not only is a great collectible, but it makes a wonderful gift for any lover of politics.  Both casual and serious followers of this historic 2008 presidential election will get a kick out of this hillarious, but serious deck of cards.

So what is so unique about this political deck?
1)  The deck totally supports John McCain for President, so if you want Obama for President you will NOT want this deck.
2)  The artwork in the deck is awesome, funny and hillarious.
3)  We also cover various "hot issues" that are popular.  From abortion and gay marriage, to the War in Iraq and health care.
4)  The deck is "interactive."  The comments in the deck come from the Politically WILD blog.
5)  Each one of the aces in this Republican deck of cards features a different "VOTE McCAIN" miniature poster for the 2008 election.
6)  When we make a major change in this deck we clearly mark which edition it is. 
7)  The deck is made with top quality casino playing card stock. 

So not only can you show off your fancy deck of cards to your friends, but you can try to convince them that they need to Vote for John McCain in 2008!  Hopefully you'll be able to convince some of them by saying, "Don't fear the Dinosaur, fear the Change."

So this is your chance to pick up the latest political deck of cards that takes a light-hearted look at politics.  These "VOTE JOHN McCAIN" cards contain hillarious animal comics of the presidential candidates from this election cycle.

Over the past several years playing cards have made a huge surge in popularity. "It is the hope of Newt's Playing Cards that this fun deck of political playing cards will catch people's attention and get them to take more of an active interest in politics," says James Esteph, owner of "Hopefully, the Politically Wild deck will get more people interested in not only the important issues that effect the American people today, but also get more voters to the polls."

Here are some of the Politicians (or political celebrities) and the animals they represent:
- Hillary Clinton as a Black Widow Spider
- Barack Obama as an Ostrich
- Keith Olberman as a Bat
- Rush Limbaugh as a Bulldog
- Sean Hannity as a Kangaroo
- Bill Clinton as a Snake
- George W. Bush as an American Eagle
- Cindy McCain as a Swan
- Bill Maher as a Green Tree Frog
- John Edwards as a Tabby Cat
- Mike Huckabee as a Hammerhead Shark
- John McCain as a Dinosaur
- Newt Gingrich as a Cheetah
- The deck features Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Keith Oberman and Glenn Beck as the "Crazy Eights". 
- Also play "Dueces Wild" with Chris Matthews, Sean Hannity, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher on the 2s.
...and the list goes on!

Here are some of the "hot issues" that are on the court (J, Q, K) cards:
- Immigation
- Global Warming
- Energy
- Abortion
- Gun Control
- War in Iraq
...and the list goes on!

The decks are poker sized playing cards with a plastic coating, and linen finish to add to the life of the cards.

PLEASE NOTE:  No animals, politicians or political figures were harmed in the making of this deck.

Playing Card Features

Card Size (USA Standards) :
  • Poker Size (2-1/2 x 3-1/2)
Card Size (Worldwide) :
  • Wide Format (2-1/2 x 3-1/2)

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Newt's Playing Cards
Wow, even as a swan Cindy McCain is what HOT chick!
I just received my Mccain playing cards and I love them. The artwork is beautiful and the comments are funny. very nice.
This is a funny deck of cards. Is Sarah Palin included?
Nice touch.
Your cards are pretty funny looking, but there is no way I'm goin to vote for McCain. That rino ain't no republican.
I would vote that this deck is one of the must have items for the 2008 election.
Good job on the cards guys! They are a lot of fun.
George W. as an eagle??? Come on, he looks better as a snake in the dems deck.
I am really shocked at how close you captured each politician!
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