The Wild Deck Book - A Special Deck For Kidshow Workers

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The Wild Deck packet has a special booklet and deck of playing cards configured to do amazing tricks that are geared toward children.

Children do not always know enough about playing cards to understand regular card tricks. They may confuse numbers, mix up suits or fail to remember the names of suit shapes. What to an adult may be simply "an 8 of clubs," to a child may be "one with lots of black flowers."

The Wild Deck consists of fifty-two regular cards with regular suits, numbers and indices. Centered on each face though is a unique animal both pictured and named. Kids may not remember a 4 of diamonds, but they will surely remember that they chose a cheetah.

Included with the deck is this manual chock full of tricks, routines, jokes, gags, ideas and more.


  • Back to the wild
  • Slug It Out
  • Spot the Card
  • Spelling Bee
  • Stop Me If You Know This
  • Wild Lines
  • The Quest
  • The Secret Quest
  • Animal Flip
  • ...and more!

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12 Years

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