The No Trump 'Whatabe' Trump Marker/Indicator - Includes 1

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The next time you are playing pinochle or bridge with your family and friends and someone asks you, "Hey, whatabe trump", you whip out your handy dandy, pocket ready "Whatabe" Trump Marker and let them know.

Just turn the proper suit face up and the everyone at the table will be able to easily see what is trump...including the person who called "trump" and already forgot. Unable to make anything trump? No worries!  Just flip it to the side that exclaims "No Trump"!  and you are good to go!

These are a 1" (25mm) square sized block that is make out of the same material that dice are made out of.  The difference is they are larger than normal dice (12-16mm) so you can see them better.  The nice part is they are small enough to carry in your pocket to your next card night.  We also designed them with style, class and plenty of color.

Another quality item Made In the USA right here in Circleville, Ohio by Newt's Games & Cards.

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