The Hallucinatory Deck of Playing Cards - Glow-In-The-Dark Deck - CAUTION - May Cause Hallucinations from the Design, Touch and Smell - LIMITED EDITION

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The "Hallucinatory Deck of Playing Cards" has been the craziest deck we have ever created.  The original idea was born after reading corny comments around the internet that would say how someone's "eyes were bleeding" or maybe "burning" because they had seen a deck of cards that wasn't to their "liking".  So we set out to create a deck to do just that, MAKE YOUR EYES BURN! This deck does that and more because instead of just "burning your eyes" with the way they look we are causing psychedelic hallucinations with the gnarly smell and funky feel too.

CAUTION!!  This deck may:
1)  Make you a little dizzy or nauseated!
2)  Make your eyes burn from both the design and the strong smell from the glow ink! 
3)  Freak you out from the weird, "fuzzy" touch!
You get the point.  These cards are crazy weird and different than pretty much any other deck you've seen or handled.  A true one of a kind.


- We Used not one glow ink, but two Glow-In-The-Dark ink colors!  That we know of this is the FIRST TIME 2 Glow-In-The-Dark colors (green and yellow) have been used on paper playing cards.
- LIMITED EDITION - We only printed 1008 of these bad boys and then we broke the mold.  This "glow" version is meant more for collectible purposes and not for active play.  If you want an annoying deck to play poker with Friday night we suggest the non-glowing Hallucinatory deck.  It is sure to annoy the heck out of your friends too.  ;)
- Includes a Glow-In-The-Dark Tuck Box - Yeah, we did!  We even made the tuck box for the cards with Glow-In-The-Dark ink.
- Print inside the tuck box - Okay, may seem strange but we printed inside the box. It doesn't glow, but it still looks pretty sweet.
- Grit and Glow - With how much glow ink we poured on these babies it gives the deck a unique texture that has a gritty or some say a "fuzzy" feel.

*Originally funded on Kickstarter - Yep, 140+ people helped make this unique deck of cards reality and now you can get your piece of history.

PLEASE NOTE:  As mentioned above the design will annoy you.  The smell will annoy you.  AND the texture will annoy you.  Please let the hallucinations begin on this unique deck of cards that embarks in to new territory that no deck of cards has gone before.

This is a collectible deck of cards and is not intended for children.



If the Glow-In-The-Dark deck is too much of an "eye burning" experience for you then please be sure to to tone it down a bit with our Standard Deck of Hallucinatory Cards!  The standard deck includes the annoying view but does not include the glow ink, fuzzy texture or crazy smell.

Playing Card Features

Card Size (USA Standards) :
  • Poker Size (2-1/2 x 3-1/2)
Card Size (Worldwide) :
  • Wide Format (2-1/2 x 3-1/2)
Print or Index Size :
  • Medium Sized Print

Additional Product Details

Newt's Playing Cards
Manufactured In:
Peoples Republic of China
Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age:
12 Years

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