Shipping Cost

1)  How much does it cost to ship my product?
     -  The cost of your shipment depends on the amount of product you order and where you live.  The prices figured on our site are pulled directly from the UPS or USPS server and figured according to size, weight and destination.

2)  Why don't you ship more of your product by first class mail?
     -  Currently we ship most of our products primarily through United Parcel Service (UPS).  We do this primarily because they insure all of the shipments in case your package is damaged or lost. 
     -  We are currently trying out a new program that allows orders of 1-2 decks to be shipped 1st Class Mail.  Please understand that the cost figured on these includes the cost of the package, actual shipping cost and labor to process.
     -  Some have suggested that it is "cheaper" to send items via "parcel post".  We have checked the pricing on this method of shipment over and over again and it ALWAYS cost more than shipping via UPS. Since the post office made all their changes a year or so ago, their prices went through the roof...not to mention you have to pay extra for insurance from USPS.

3)  Why are shipping cost so high?
     -  As explained above, shipping prices are based on size, weight and where they are being shipped to.  The prices are pulled directly from the shippers server and yes, we would have to agree that the shipping charges from freight companies have gone through the roof over the past year!  If you want to save more money then we would suggest order $20 or more because that is the point that we can start to discount the shipping cost.

Likewise, if you feel our UPS pricing is "too high" we encourage you to directly to the UPS shipping site and check the pricing there.  You can  "estimate shipping" at...
...or you can go to, click on Calculate Time and Cost and fill in the needed information.  Our zip code here is 43113.  The weight will vary.  
We usually find that our shipping prices are lower than posted pricing on because of the volume we ship.

4)  Why doesn't Newt's pay for the shipping?
     -  If you order under $19.99 then you pay actual shipping and package charges that includes cost of shipping, the box to pack and labor to process.  When you order more than $20 you actually start to receive a discount on the shipping cost.  So if you want to save on shipping, make sure you order a minimum of $20 or more!

5)  Does Newt's offer a discount on shipping if I buy more?
     - YES! Here is a break down of shipping and packing fees...
Orders under $10  -  there is the normal UPS/USPS charges plus there is a "package" charge figured in to your price.
$10-$19.99 - charges normal UPS/USPS pricing
$20-$49.99 - shipping charges are discounted 10% off UPS/USPS pricing
$50+ - shipping charges are discounted 20% off UPS/USPS pricing

Once you add the items to your cart you can hit the View Cart button and then click "Estimate Shipping" to find out what the correct amount is. 

6)  Is there a handling fee in your shipping charges?
     -  We do not charge a "handling" fee.  We do however charge a "package" fee for orders under $10.  Our pricing on orders under $10 is based on UPS/USPS pricing plus small fees to pay for your packaging, labels, labor and other expenses that have to do with shipping.   
So if you do not want to pay for the package on small, under $10 orders, then please order over $10.

7)  Why is there a "packing" charge on orders under $10?
     -  We would love to be able to ship small orders without charging this fee, but the problem is we just can't eat the "package" charges on these small orders and stay in business.  We ship out several hundred orders each week that are under $10 in product and we just could not continue to pay for the boxes and bubble envelopes anymore.  We know that many times all folks want is 1 item, so we are trying to keep it open for these folks to buy. 

8)  Why not charge more for the product and less for the shipping?
     -  What?  I am very sorry, but honestly I am not for sure where the logic is on questions like this.  I would rather pay a fair price for product and if I chose to order a small quantity, understand that the shipping and packing must cover the cost for the merchant.
     -  I would also prefer to pay the normal shipping price when I order more than have an "inflated" product price just to make it look like the shipping was "cheaper".  
     -  On orders of $10 or more we charge normal UPS/USPS prices AND we also have VERY competitive pricing on our products.  This makes it a win/win for both you and us!

If you want to save money on shipping then you MUST order more than a few dollars worth of product.  When you order just a $6 card tray there is no profit to help off-set the cost of shipping and packaging the order.  We must pass the cost on to you as the consumer.  When you order more items then we can start to discount the shipping cost.