RANDOM PSYCHEDELIC DUO Set of Limited Edition (50 Sets) Playing Cards

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The "RANDOM PSYCHEDELIC DUO" Set of Limited Edition (50 Sets) Playing Cards was originally created as part of a Kickstarter campain and was meant to be a normal, double deck set but do to some issues with the manufacturer that was not the case.  Basically instead of the being a normal set with 2 decks of "poker cards" they were randomly printed as if they were a set of trading cards.  So you MAY get 16 different Aces and only 4 deuces.  To be honest, it is really difficult to say what cards are included in each of the sets!  So the "randomness" from the printing has turned an already "eye-bleeding" deck of cards in to one crazy batch of LIMITED EDITION cards.

Remember, this set is NOT playable because the cards are totally random and you have no idea what you are going to get.  Well, actually if you want a pretty wild hallucinatory experience it may be just your cup of tea.

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