PSYCHEDELIC DUO TOO Set of Limited Edition (50 Sets) Playing Cards

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The original "Psychedelic Duo" had a mishap at the manufacturer...or maybe we should say on their website!  Because of a strange setting on their website the "Psychedelic Duo" sets that were originally shipped were actually a "Random Psychedelic Duo" set because the cards were randomly printed and put in the box and not put in as a complete "Poker Deck". 

So what we decided to do was offer this 2nd set of the Psychedelic Duo that is a real "Poker Deck" or or double deck set.  This new set is called the "Psychedelic Duo Too" and there is a slight box change and card back change.  The changes are small but enough so we all know the difference.  For our backers the set will be offered at the same price as the first one was and it to will be limited to 50 sets.

This "PSYCHEDELIC DUO TOO" Set of Limited Edition (50 Sets) Playing Cards is first of all intended for our Kickstarter backers and then we will open it to others.  If you want one of these you will also be able to upgrade your set to have a linen finish or UV coating.  Just click on those options if you want them.

Remember, this set is playable in all normal card games but since there will only be 50 sets in the world you may want to set them aside.

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