Newt's Artist

With our mission to bring unique and fun games & playing cards to light, we have worked with various talented artist who have added a ton of fun to each project.  Each artist brings their own unique flair and skill to a deck and many times are chosen for a particular project because of that talent. 

There are two primary types of cards we print.  The first type is for a deck of cards Newt's Games & Playing Cards is doing for either itself or for one of the decks they are publishing for another company.

Newt's Commisisioned Art
There are various reasons we commission art.  Sometimes we need art drawn for a museum, historical society or dog shelter we are doing a fund raiser deck for.  Other times we are doing a deck of cards we are publishing for ourselves.  Either way we utilize the talents of several different artist to capture the look and feel we need to either highlight the card back of a deck or for a complete deck of cards.

Newt's Published Artist Deck
This is a deck of cards we publish for an artist.  Many times artist have a specialty, or directed talent towards particular types of art.  This is their chance to get a deck of cards published with some of that art.  The decks are usually printed in small runs and allow for an awesome chance to collect a not only a different style deck, but a beautiful deck.
For details on how to do this please use the "Contact Us" form and drop us your information and we will get back with you.

Here is a list of some of those artist...