Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

Our mission is two-fold. First of all it is to encourage the play of cards with family, friends and loved ones. Playing card games is a great way to slow down and spend some quality time with other folks. In our fast food, fast paced world we need to be encouraged to slow down and enjoy the moment. Catch our breath.

Our second mission is to encourage the hobby of collecting playing cards. Playing cards are a wonderful, inexpensive thing to collect and the options are unending. Playing cards go back in to the history of human beings hundreds of years and offer an educational experience for all ages. Even if one does not collect antique playing cards there are thousands of choices everyday, all around us.

Our purpose is to provide a fun-filled internet location that any man, woman, boy or girl can play and shop on without questionable material.

Our dream is to "transform the playing card industry...one deck at a time." Newt's Games & Playing Cards is the fabulous Internet website of Calebweb.com. Specializing in playing cards, card games and playing card gifts from around the world.