June 2010 Game Review --- Pokeno

Pokeno is a game we have enjoyed as playing as a family. I like the fact that you can "change it up" a bit. We like to collect prizes, then play when we have a nice selection to choose from.  We play it with the kids just like you would play bingo, except you use playing cards. When they win they pick a prize. If adults are playing there will be prizes for the adults to choose from, or we will put money in a cup and that will be the prize the adults win. I like the fact that is simple to play and, since it is similar to how you would play bingo, many people can easily figure it out. Another nice thing about Pokeno is it is great to play with a group. We have used it to play at reunions, Christmas parties, or just for us at home, and it has always been a big hit.  The prizes usually generate excitement, This is a fun way to get to play a game with a lot of people at one time. My three year old likes to play as well as my 16 year old, especially when prizes are involved. It is fun for all ages, and if the younger ones need help then I get the benefit of seeing them work together.

You actually have a couple of options here.  We have both, but I prefer the "Original Pokeno".  The new one works fine, but the Original Pokeno just looks better.


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Review by:
Christine - Newt's Mom


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