Canasta Clásico Double Deck Set of Playing Cards - DELUXE VERSION - Edition 4

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Double deck set of deluxe "Canasta Clásico" playing cards!  Each card face includes point values for easy scoring.  They work great for any variation of canasta you may play!  Remember, this item INCLUDES TWO DECKS OF CARDS (104+4 Jokers).  This is now our FOURTH EDITION with all the original features and a new, brighter design.

What makes these cards special?
- Highlights on the wild cards.
- Point values are printed on all of the card faces for easy scoring.
- Card back design feature the Canasta Clásico design.
- Numbers and Pips on the card faces are 25% larger for easy, fast reading.
- Thicker card stock with a linen textured finish for longer card play and a better "snap" when you shuffle.
- Stylish card face designs that are brighter and perfect for the avid Canasta player.
- Index in all 4 corners. Saves space when you lay out your cards. Also makes it easier for left handed folks to read.
- Includes 2 decks of cards which then makes 104 normal cards and 4 jokers.  Each set includes 1 deck of blue back and 1 deck of red back.

Canasta Variations (Included with this set)

- Bonus 3rd Joker, called "Picante" that can be used to add a little spice or heat.  Can be used or set aside.
BENEFITS: When laid in front of you it allows you to rebuild your depleted hand to 11 and play any melds you have drawn. If played or left in your hand, you will loose 100 points. If it is the only card left in your hand you do NOT loose any points. You may use the Picante card as a “Wild” card, but you loose 100 points from your “mixed” canasta.

- Bonus 4th Joker, called "Little Joker" that is worth 25 points instead of 50 points like the other jokers. Can be used or set aside.
BENEFITS: The “Little” Joker is played or used like all of the other Jokers, the difference is the point values are smaller. In reality the “twos” are considered “Little Jokers” in Canasta too, but we just thought it would be fun to add a little different twist.

The "10 Simple Rules to Canasta" is included in each double box set.

About Canasta

Canasta is a Rummy game with a Latin beat that excites with its wild cards and high scoring hands. Canasta ("basket" in Spanish") became the favorite card game of millions of North Americans when it arrived from South America with the Samba and Bossa Nova. Today, Canasta is still a big hit with players of all ages and skill levels.  The "HOT" versions of Canasta for the past few years has been "Hand and Foot" (often abbreviated as "Hand-N-Foot") and Samba has been making a return.

Canasta Variations
Here is a list of some of the most popular variations of Canasta:
1) Canasta - **Most Common**
2) Bolivia
3) Brazilian
4) Chile
5) Cuban
6) Cutthroat
7) Five-Hand Canasta
8) Hand and Foot - This version has been very popular for a few years now!
9) Mexicana
10) Pennies from Heaven
11) Samba
12) Six-Hand Canasta
13) Three-Hand Canasta
14) Two-Hand Canasta
15) Uruguay

Great idea, great game, great fun.  Another fine product created for discerning card playing fans and printed in small runs by Newt's Games and Cards.

Playing Card Features

Card Size (USA Standards) :
  • Poker Size (2-1/2 x 3-1/2)
Card Size (Worldwide) :
  • Wide Format (2-1/2 x 3-1/2)
Print or Index Size :
  • Medium Sized Print

Additional Product Details

Newt's Playing Cards
Manufactured In:
Peoples Republic of China
Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age:
12 Years
I am very hopeful that the larger values and jumbo index will be just what we need for Canasta. You should advertise the more as so many seniors are looking for these larger indexed and value cards.
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