Brushed Above Board Oak 4-Tier Playing Card Holder Inside a Flannel Pouch - Includes Two Holders


The "Brushed Above Board" Oak 4 Tier Playing Card Holder is the perfect help when you are playing a card game that has a lot of cards that need to be held, or if you simply need some extra hands for grabbing snacks or drinks. With its unique personality this deluxe holder will be the talk of every card night! First of all we start with the finest red oak that has a natural light to medium brown color, with a hint of a reddish cast. Then we cut 4 generous slots to allow the holder to hold more cards and then we gently brush a gunstock stain to help bring out the beauty.  The four tiered slots are slightly tilted to allow the cards to be held in perfect view for you.  Our trademark back stand lifts the holder to not only make it easier to view your cards but it makes it easier to be able to pick up the holder.

Why Brushed Above?
When we started on our quest to create high quality card holders we wanted our products to not only stand out but we wanted something we were proud of.  Something that was not "just" another card holder but something that looked cool and did what it was supposed to.  For quite a few years we sold the cheap import card holders that had slots that were too narrow or they had fake vinyl over top pressed wood.  We wanted something that was "brushed above" that quality.  Something that would work like it is supposed to.  So was born our "Brushed Above Board" playing card holder.

About the High Quality Wood We Use:
The Red Oak wood we use is a perfect way to highlight your card table this Friday night.  We only use the finest grade so we can achieve a rustic, natural wood look that adds character and flair to each card holder we create. Since it is a hardwood it is heavier than pine or other lighter types of wood.  Yes, yes, yes we could probably grab a cheaper piece of wood but there is already plenty of that stuff floating around.  This deluxe card holder is just that and deserves the finest wood.

Includes 2, "Brushed Above Board" 9 inch oak wooden playing card holders with 4 tiered and slanted slots and stored inside a flannel storage pouch.  Playing Cards NOT included.  Please note that due to the inherent characteristics of wood, the color and grain may vary between each individual piece.

Dimensional Detail: (W x L x H) = ~7/8" x 9 1/8" x ~1 1/2"

Playing cards used for display purposes and are not included.


Additional Product Details

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Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age:
12 Years

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