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Six (6) Deck Revolving (Swivel) Playing Card Tray/Holder

Six (6) Deck Revolving (Swivel) Playing Card Tray/Holder

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Great for rummy, canasta, hand and foot, or any multiple card, multi-deck card game. This card tray will hold up to 6 decks of cards (3 decks on each side)!  By far these card trays are the deepest we have ever had. At about 2-1/4 inch deep they meant to hold more cards comfortably with the understanding that many cards will be playedon the table and in your hands.  This clear, Six Deck Playing Card Tray  swivels or rotates and is made of plastic. The tray is used for up to Six decks of playing cards and works great for games like Canasta or any other game that requires a draw/discard pile.

This convenient card tray/holder has a gentle turning swivel base and beveled edges for easy drawing. The perfect companion for card players who want to keep their stack neat.

Caution: Not suitable for children 3 years of age or younger due to choking hazard.

Please note:  This card tray is intended for games up to 6 decks but if you try to stack all 6 cards on one side then it may lean.  It is intended to hold about 3 decks in your draw pile and 3 in your discard pile, again, with the understanding that many of the cards are used in play or in the players hands.  If you want more cards to be held in your card holder then we suggest using our 9-deck card holder.

PLEASE NOTE:  As of January 20, 2017 these card trays are on backorder.  Any orders placed after this date will ship when new card trays arrive.

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