Deluxe Pit Card Game - Corner The Market

Deluxe PIT - Corner The Market Card Game

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Corner the market with this Deluxe Pit Card Game. A game of trading and dealing. The goal is to corner the market by getting all the cards of one commodity. Ring the Bell. Win the Game. Take your chances with the Bull but beware of the Bear. Deluxe Pit Card Game comes with 74 casino-quality cards, illustrated rules, and a silver-colored bell. Fun for the whole family since 1904!

PIT has entertained millions of happy “traders” since it was first conceived at Parker Brothers and published in 1904! How long ago was 1904?  Well, the Wright Brothers flew the world’s first airplane the prior December.

Back then, near the turn of the century, trading in commodities was a new and highly publicized activity. Although anyone with money could buy contracts on wheat, or corn, or barley, it was a very risky business — even for the experts. Traders could lose everything in a matter of minutes, or
become wealthy beyond dreams. In other words, commodity trading was — and still is — a breath-taking theme for a novel game. And under the leadership of George Parker — the firm’s founder — PIT became one of Parker Brothers truly great card games.

Today, over 90 years later, PIT continues to provide great frantic fun for fans, young and old alike!

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