Live - Love - Canasta - 5 Piece Fan Gear Variety Pack

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This Canasta fan gear set is the perfect thing for the avid Canasta fan! It comes fully equipped with everything you need to prove that you live, love and breath Canasta! This set comes with five different items all using a unique background of two hearts on a wooden surface, reading: "Live Love Canasta"

This set makes a perfect gift item for Christmas presents, birthdays, and so much more!

All of these products come directly printed on with the "Live Love Canasta" design.

The bottle cap magnet is made out of a light weight metal. The 39 mm poker chip magnet comes printed withe the unique "Live Love Canasta" design(colors will vary). This plastic heart shaped keychain comes directly printed on with the "Live Love Canasta" design and it measures 2 1/2" by 2 1/8". The pendent measures 1 3/8" and the chain measures 20". The "Live Love Canasta" dogtag is made of white lacquered stainless steel, amd it measures 1.125" x 2".


This set comes complete with:

  • One Poker Chip Magnet
  • One Bottle Cap Magnet
  • One Heart Shaped Keychain
  • One Pendent Necklace
  • One Dogtag Necklace

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